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For the past 20 years, OccHealth by Altius has provided physical, functional and behavioural support services delivered by Exercise Physiologists with exceptional outcomes in short-time frames. This has been due to OccHealth’s specific and very unique approach to treatment and rehabilitation solutions.

John Cosentino, OccHealth General Manager, says “We have a great deal of faith in our programs and this is because we always ensure they are based on our strong, 5 step approach to treatment”.

The OccHealth 5 Step Approach:

  1. Implement SMART goals focused on optimising function, participation and return to work – through the creation of SMART goals. OccHealth by Altius promotes the many benefits of work by customising goals based on the individuals’ needs and motivation to return to their normal life.
  2. Adopting a biopsychosocial approach - considering the physical, psychological and social barriers to optimal health and applying holistic treatments to overcome such barriers. We remember there is always a person behind the injury - “Treat the person, not just the injury.”
  3. Base treatment on the latest, best available research evidence - through regular team discussions, in-services and ongoing professional development the OccHealth by Altius’ team constantly remains at the forefront of research and evidence – we ensure our clients are receiving the most informed and evidence-based treatment possible.
  4. Continually measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment - By implementing objective assessments during treatment programs, all stakeholders, including individuals are continually made aware of their progress – thus improving intrinsic motivation and ensuring that all parties are effectively involved in the rehabilitation process.
  5. Empower the injured person to manage their injury - through the promotion of empowerment, the power of recovery falls back into the individual’s hands, providing them with the tools and knowledge to continue to self-manage into the future.

Through the premise of ensuring that the approach is simple, easy to understand and evidence-based, OccHealth by Altius today continue to place themselves at the forefront of rehabilitation treatment – delivered through a wide range of programs, emerging technologies and collaboration.

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