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Anya Stephens, Director, PeopleSense by Altius, explains what an EAP is and why demand for quality EAP delivery has increased in recent years.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a service provided by employers to help workers improve their wellbeing in an increasingly complicated world. EAP counselling can assist anyone dealing with personal and work-related problems. Employees could be suffering conditions such as anxiety disorders, acute stress, depression, psychiatric conditions and may have suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

However, many people use their EAP proactively to realise their health potential and learn skills in emotional intelligence, communication, assertiveness and other skills that may assist them to gain a promotion or improve their relationships. We all experience challenges in life - relationship breakdowns, conflict at home or work, addiction, accumulative life issues, sleep difficulties, past or present trauma and grief - to name just a few. Having someone to support you through these can be incredibly beneficial. 

A confidential counselling service can help employees deal with these issues and get back to leading a happy and productive life at home and work.

According to the IBIS World’s Employee Assistance Program Services, Australia Market Research Report (June 2018), there has been an increase in demand for EAP services in the past five years due to:

  • Low unemployment rates and a tight labour market
  • Happier workers who have had assistance in working through family or workplace issues and recognised the benefits
  • Workers having an improved sense of well-being and better focus on tasks and Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism

More on our EAP services

Our registered, clinical psychologists deliver tailored EAPs for organisations, enabling them to offer their employees, and eligible family members, access to free confidential and professional psychological support for personal or work-related issues. Our approach is friendly, caring and focused on providing practical solutions that are evidence based to show significant improvement.

EAP counselling provides vital support to improve the mental health, resilience and wellbeing of individuals within organisations. PeopleSense psychologists are available to EAP employees 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for emergency situations and critical incidents.

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