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Regularly reviewing if you’re WHS compliant has many benefits. Learn how WHS audits can help prevent costly gaps.

Regularly reviewing your work health and safety (WHS) practices and your Safety Management Systems for any compliance gaps has many benefits. By carrying out or outsourcing, an audit of your WHS system you’ll make sure:

  • You’re complying with WHS standards and regulations, which are frequently changing.
  • Your workplace effectively protects people from harm.
  • Your Safety Management Systems and procedures are evolving and continually improving.
  • Your workplace culture is one that prioritises employee health and

You can audit your WHS, pick on any compliance gaps and assess for risk in a number of ways, including:

Desktop Compliance Screening 

Altius Group WHS Consultants carry out simple compliance screening remotely via desktop to screen for due diligence, and ensure a workplace understands their current WHS needs and legislative compliance requirements. During these screening sessions, a workplace will be updated on the latest WHS Standards applicable to their work environment.

WHS Gap Analysis

WHS consultants conduct on-site visits for a WHS Gap Analysis and Review. During on-site reviews, our consultants cast an expert eye over current WHS procedures and assess the specific risks and needs of a business.

Risk Assessments

Also carried out on-site, a risk assessment checks for workplace specific risks that need to be accounted for in a WHS Management System. Our expert consultants check for risks from: manual tasks (e.g. static positions or falling objects); workplace hazards (e.g. electricity, machinery and chemicals) and traffic risks (e.g. construction sites, warehouses, mining industry) to ensure traffic hazards are identified and control measures are in place.

Psychological Risk Assessments

We also work with our team of PeopleSense by Altius Psychologists to identify psychosocial risks in the workplace, including the effects of work-related stress, bullying and work-related fatigue.

This proactive approach to minimise fines for non-compliance as well as minimising the risk for physical or psychological injury claims is a win-win for all parties concerned.

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