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We explain the Fitness for Duty assessment … and welcome two new consulting specialists to our Medical by Altius panel.

Employers may request a Fitness for Duty assessment (FFD) to find solutions to complex injury management cases and to support employees with health conditions to safely stay at, or return to, work.

FFD assessments support better management of injuries and illnesses within the workplace, ensuring greater control over operation.

When may a Fitness for Duty assessment by a medical specialist be required?
  • Where the employer has concerns about an employee’s fitness for duty, ability to fulfil the duties reasonably required of them, or capacity to perform the inherent requirements of their role.
  • The employer may also request an FFD where the treating practitioner’s assessment of an employee is not sufficient to satisfy the employer in relation to an employee’s fitness or otherwise.

Our medical specialists offer impartial and independent evaluations on an employees’ health and provide evidence based solutions. We understand it is often important for sensitive or complex issues to be conveyed verbally, to complement the written referral documentation, for the optimal direction and outcome to be understood and agreed upon.

All questions are answered objectively, with integrity and findings reported in a candid and direct format. This ensures they are able to be easily interpreted and acted upon in the best interests of all parties concerned. Our specialists are conscious of avoiding ambiguity in determining current and future capacity. We seek to provide easy to interpret reports that can be acted upon by the referring party in the most appropriate course of action in consideration of the evidence and condition(s) presented.

At Medical by Altius, we retain weekly availability with a range of medical specialists from occupational physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, physicians and dermatologists through to neurologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation physicians and hand surgeons (to name a few).

Through access to our nation-wide team of experts, we are able to respond to needs with accurate, timely information and assessments.

We are pleased to welcome Psychiatrist, Dr Benjamin Duke and Occupational Physician, Dr Jill Richardson to our Medical by Altius panel of specialists. Dr Benjamin Duke is a general adult psychiatrist, specialising in a range of anxiety, mood, psychotic and trauma-based disorders. Dr Jill Richardson is an accomplished and experienced occupational physician with extensive private and public sector experience in occupational rehabilitation, risk management and early intervention and workplace injuries.

Richard Forby, Managing Director of Medical by Altius, says, “It is great to add further to our panel of medical experts who offer unbiased evaluations on an individual’s health to support an organisation’s productivity. Our specialist consultants and physicians deliver timely, objective and comprehensive assessments.”

“These insights, backed by our consultant’s up-to-date medical knowledge, their understanding of best practice injury management and years of specialist industry experience, and enable them to provide direction for complex cases.”