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We have devised a suite of tailored training solutions based upon the ever-changing work climate. Our training solutions aim to equip teams with the knowledge and skills to respond, survive and thrive in this time of change.

Altius Group is committed to understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on the businesses we work alongside and applying the diverse experience and capability of our Psychological Services, Wellbeing Specialists and Injury Management Teams, to provide the support businesses need.

To make it simple to get started, we’ve designed the following webinars, to support your employees, team and businesses through this difficult period. All training can be conducted using engaging webinar or teleconference technology, or via face to face meetings.


Managing Stress and Building Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and continue to develop and grow. This session explores stress and the impact that it has on our wellbeing. It teaches participants evidence based and practical strategies to develop resilience to come out the other end of hardships, stronger than ever before.

Mental Health Education and Support During Times of Uncertainty: Mental illness is a leading cause of disability in Australia, and periods of uncertainty pose risk to those with mental health conditions. Participants build an understanding of mental health conditions, as well as skills and confidence to have difficult conversations and act to provide support.

Responding and Adapting to Change and Uncertainty: The only thing certain in life is change. Resistance to change prevents us from performing our best in both our personal and work lives. This session explores common reactions to change and supports participants in coming to terms with the current ambiguous and ever-changing context.

Finding Mindfulness in a Time of Unlimited Distractions: During times of uncertainty, our minds can become consumed by unhelpful thoughts and distractions. Participants learn about the benefits of mindfulness, particularly when facing difficult times. They are guided through a series of mindfulness activities and learn ways to apply mindfulness in their daily lives.

Maintaining a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind During Social Isolation: Social isolation poses risks to people falling into patterns of unhealthy habits. This session provides education on the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind It teaches evidence-based strategies to maintain biological and psychological wellbeing.


Effective Leadership Through Change and Uncertainty: Effective leadership is a crucial component of supporting and leading others through change and uncertainty. Participants build an understanding for how such contexts impact others. The session builds skills in modelling positive behaviours for others and also aids those who may not be coping.

Building and Managing Remote Teams for Success: Working remotely may be new to some, but it has worked for teams worldwide for many years. This session answers the question of 'how to make the most of working remotely', providing useful tips on how to maintain communication and important relationships, whilst working in different locations.


Maximising Productivity and Thriving Whilst Working from Home: Working from home presents a series of distractions and challenges to high performance. Participants build understanding of their barriers to productivity relating to procrastination, prioritisation and time management and they learn tangible skills to work smarter.

Finding Work Life Balance Whilst Parenting, Caretaking and Having Other Life Demands: Achieving balance between our work and home life has become increasingly difficult, especially whilst working from home. This session is focused on managing competing priorities. It provides tips to establish boundaries and seek fulfillment across all realms of the important components of one's life.

Establishing an Ergonomically Friendly Setup when Working from Home: Many people have been thrust into a situation of working from home without any prior planning. This session educates participants on the importance of a suitable workspace and teaches foundational skills to make basic adjustments to workstations to promote good physical wellbeing.

Coming to Terms with and Embracing New Career Pathways: The current climate has resulted in a series of redundancies and layoffs. This session is focused on overcoming barriers to job seeking. Participants identify their unique skill sets and are provided resources for resume and cover letter development, job seeking tips and interview skills.

Managing Technology and Building Relationships Whilst Working Remotely: Finding balance between 'helpful' and 'unhelpful' technology use can be difficult. This session explores the impact that technology has on our physical, emotional and social health. It helps develop balanced technology use whilst working remotely to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

Developing and Enhancing Relationships Whilst Physically Isolating: Physical isolation doesn't have to mean being in social isolation. Human beings are naturally social, we crave friendships and positive interactions. This session will provide participants with tips on how to build, maintain and repair relationships through the use of modern technology.

For more information please contact Altius Group on 1800 258 487.