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The Recovery and Wellness Initiative (RAWI) has delivered positive results 18 months post launch. A total 72% of clients realised an upgrade in work capacity and many more realised improved quality of life. Exercise Physiologist, Jack Whitaker, shares the 5 key factors underpinning the program’s success.

The program provides holistic support and wellbeing promotion, repeatedly linked to good long term recovery and health outcomes. Jack says “incorporating these five key wellbeing factors into the RAWI has underpinned the program’s success”:

1. Promoting the Importance of Work to Wellbeing

On average, eight hours per day is spent in the workplace. When this is removed from the equation a large proportion of physical activity, social interaction and community engagement, mental motivation and intellectual stimulus is lost – all elements important to wellbeing. Throughout the RAWI we educate participants on the health benefits of work.

2. Addressing Social, Psychological and Wellbeing Factors

The RAWI aims to address and reduce a client’s biopsychosocial barriers and deconditioning that is often associated with not working or participating fully in life - symptoms which are further exacerbated as time goes on without recovery or independence.

3. Educating Individuals for Self-Empowerment

Our focus on wellbeing, and education for self-improvement, empowers our clients with the tools to promote their recovery, better manage their symptoms and independently ease their transition back to their pre-injury life including work

4. Establishing Individual Goals – and Embracing Digital Support

The RAWI is designed to support individuals to set their own personal health or wellbeing goals, including conceptions of nutrition/diet, weight loss, social engagement and hobbies. This empowers and motivates individuals to self-manage their recovery, improve their wellbeing, restore their function and promote their return to work.

Altius Group has just launched AltiusLife – a digital platform to further support clients to achieve their goals as part of their Altius Group rehabilitation program. With its strong neuroscience evidence base, this digital tool makes choosing healthy behaviours and creating new habits easier. The mobile app can be tailored to support each person’s own wellbeing interests and goals. Supported by a national team of allied health professionals, the platform includes surveys, life actions prompts, health trackers and rewards and great evidence-based content, relevant to the user.

5. Adopting a Flexible Approach

Acting as a “Personal/Life Coach”, the OccHealth by Altius team of exercise physiologists conduct treatment sessions up to three times per week in a client’s home or local community including parks and wellbeing centres. Treatment takes place at locations that best suit a client’s needs and goals. The ability to perform treatment sessions in varying locations allows a client’s personal goals to be set – increasing their motivation, community engagement, compliance over the longer term and overall quality of life.

Our Results

To date, the RAWI has been an invaluable tool to support the recovery, health and wellbeing of our clients - improving their function, empowerment and return to work outcomes in a timely and outcomes-focussed manner. One measure of success illustrates:

  • 40% of clients have experienced an upgraded work capacity
  • 32% of clients have upgraded from some capacity to pre-injury duties
  • A total of 72% of clients have had some upgrade in work capacity

Due to its success the RAWI has evolved to support a wide range of clients with high needs from a variety of schemes, often with both physical and psychological injuries where returning to work is not the immediate goal. The RAWI delivers evidence based support for clients and provides them with the tools they need to succeed on their journey to recovery and independence.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation- A RAWI case study

Whether you’re an employee, employer or claimant contact our exercise physiologists to discuss how the RAWI may help you, or explore this service further here