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Altius Group Wellbeing Specialist, Sharon Richens, recently presented a webinar tailored to support a client’s employees in Victoria. The webinar addressed their specific concerns during their latest lockdown – mainly focussing on the challenge of juggling the demands of work with home schooling, and hope to curb the impact this has on their mental wellbeing. Sharon shares some key tips from her webinar.

Sharon says, “While working from home may have initially been a novelty for some, the reality of working from home is difficult for many employees”.

“Social isolation, a fear of the unknown and the competing family demands stemming from home schooling commitments or caring for small children, all create fear and anxiety”.

“I was encouraged by how well received this particular webinar was in regards sharing practical tips and strategies and that in itself sends a clear message that the novelty of working from home has well and truly passed for many”.

Sharon’s webinar delves into the complex challenges of working in isolation and how these challenges impact our wellbeing – covering such areas as digital connectedness, sleep, workplace cultures, constant change and exercise to name a few. The webinar then explores how each of these challenges can lead to changes in feelings and behaviours.

Sharon presents helpful strategies to combat these challenges, here’s a few:

  • Remember, perfection is not the goal. Be kind to yourself in regards your expectations.
  • Maintaining routine and structure helps – establishing patterns such as dressing for work, being strict about your sleep and being careful not to overschedule can help.
  • Establish school day routines and structures for school aged children – provide children with cues for school days. For example, draw up a schedule that includes a morning routine (make bed, set breakfast table) and schedules exercise time (for important fresh air, movement and sunlight).
  • Have rules around sleep for school days.
  • Negotiate rewards for working well to the schedule, such as screen time or takeaway. Rewards will depend on the age of your children.
  • Build time for yourself into the family schedule (such as 10 minutes reading in your bedroom by yourself).

Sharon says “Our brain needs cues and structure to help us to cope with the challenges of working from home and to navigate our individual personal circumstances that Covid-19 brings. Routines and cues help us manage and cope with stress”.

Sharon’s webinar explores boundaries and the practicalities of setting up spaces for work within the home environment. She covers how exercise and movement and using your body to support your mind is vital and provides great advice on habits and how to tweak them for lasting wellbeing.

To learn more about Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing Programs, to discuss this webinar or to tailor a wellbeing program to your workplace, contact us.