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Since last May, Altius Group has partnered with Hospo For Life to support the mental health and wellbeing of workers in the hospitality industry - providing psychological counselling services and mental wellbeing programs specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by hospitality workers.

Since COVID-19, through this partnership, Altius Group has stepped up the support provided to hospitality workers by developing and implementing a wellbeing program tailored to the current situation. The program has been delivered through a series of “Hospo Happy Hour” webinars. Each webinar is followed by a Q and A segment, titled “Your Shout”, enabling listeners to ask the wellbeing specialist a specific question.

Hospo for Life Founder, Liam Crawley, says “The response we have had to Hospo Happy Hour has been nothing short of amazing. We have reached Hospo workers not only from Australia, but from all over the globe with over 100,000 people tuning in which makes me really proud of what the Hospo For Life and Altius Group teams have achieved.

To be able to offer the level of support that has been provided by Altius Group and Hospo For Life has certainly helped a lot of people within the industry during a massive time of need brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. The program has given them a lot of tips to maintain their mental health and self-care that they can implement not only now but also into the future as we build a new type of normal”.

Altius Group Wellbeing Specialist, Sharon Richens, says there are some great “take-aways” to share from the Hospo for Life experience, in relation to workplace wellbeing programs:

  • Research your industry group to ensure context and valid messaging.
  • Have a clear understanding of the audience – how are they feeling? What are they experiencing? What are the best channels for engagement?
  • Deliver a program that responds to these findings, presenting content that is relevant and engaging for the greatest impact on wellbeing.
  • Deliver a holistic program that supports mental, physical and social health.
  • Engage with expertise – make sure participants are receiving credible, evidence-based support.
  • Embrace digital tools to support your program.
  • Make sure your program is measurable.

Addressing these key factors can convert your “wish to support wellbeing” to proactively managing the wellbeing of your people.