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It’s Sleep Awareness Week! The Sleep Health Foundation argues that “sleep is the third pillar of health, alongside diet and exercise”. The recent Parliamentary Report on Sleep Health Awareness (entitled Bedtime Reading) agrees with this assessment and recommends that sleep become a national health priority.

Altius Group Wellbeing Specialist, Sharon Richens, says “The impact of COVID-19 has repercussions that affect our sleep patterns - changes to our usual routine, increased stress, decreased activity while working from home as well as changes to our eating habits can all impact our sleep quality. The blurring of lines between work and home can change our night time routine and also be detrimental to sleep”.

At Altius Group we understand the importance of building education around improving sleep into our Workplace Wellbeing Programs. We cover tips to improve sleep in our Core Modules within the Boost, Workplace Wellbeing Starter Program, and also offer this as a stand-alone Module: Sleep Management and Fatigue.

Our programs are delivered by Physiotherapist and Workplace Wellbeing Specialist, Sharon Richens, either through face to face or online webinar sessions.

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, without adequate sleep “We can't hold our attention, our memory becomes poorer, our reactions are slowed and our mood fluctuates more than normal. If inadequate sleep continues to occur regularly we find that our physical and mental health may be at risk. The likelihood of depression increases, it seems likely our immune system suffers and we are at higher risk for metabolic impairments, such as those leading to diabetes. Our performance at work is impaired and there is a higher chance of driving accidents”.

Keen to start delivering an evidence-based workplace wellbeing program to your employees – but unsure where to start? Our Boost Workplace Wellbeing Program is a great way to get started. Boost is a wellbeing program focussed on boosting all the basics of your employees’ physical and mental health. Underpinned by our behavioural change based digital solution, AltiusLife, this program provides an accessible option for all organisations.

Boost includes our three one-hour core modules:

AltiusLife Launch: Engage your employees with everything they need to know to benefit from the digital platform and app. This introduces the behavioural change science behind the platform with a focus on how employees can maximise the features to boost their health and wellbeing – including watching their sleep!

Physical Wellbeing Focus: An introduction to the top tips, trends and takeaways for a wellbeing boost to everyday activity, sleep and nutrition that is meaningful and achievable for all.

Mental Wellbeing Focus: With many of us experiencing poor mental health, this module provides education to support individuals to feel equipped to recognise key issues and provides resources and direction to navigate mental health challenges.

Visit Altius Workplace Wellbeing Programs for further information or contact us.