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The new year can be a great opportunity to reflect and set goals for the coming year. Read on to join our webinar and learn more.

Setting Goals for the New Year – Webinar

Date: Thursday 20 January, 2pm AEDT, 11am WST

The new year can be a great opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and learnings from the previous year, as well as look forward and think about setting goals for the new year.
Research suggests the overwhelming majority of people lose sight of their goals by mid-January, with approximately 8% of people actually achieving their goals set.
Join Psychologist and goal enthusiast Jaydene Tucker, together with registered Physiotherapist and wellbeing specialist Sharon Richens, for an engaging session on setting goals for the new year, including how to create meaningful goals that are achievable for you.
The session breaks down the research and the information required to overcome common pitfalls to goal setting, with practical resources to create SMART goals that are based on your strengths and values.
Take away fundamental knowledge to make your New Year’s resolutions stick this year!

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