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Altius Group Launch AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software to Make Workplace Safety Simple

Each October, Safe Work Australia, asks employers and workers across Australia to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians. According to Safe Work Australia “No industry should be unsafe to work in and no death or injury is acceptable. And, because the whole community bears the financial cost of poor WHS, we know that safe and healthy work benefits everyone”.

Coinciding with Safe Work Month, Altius Group are pleased to launch our new WHS Compliance Management Software – AltiusWHS. The software is all about making workplace safety simple. We understand just how much there is to consider when it comes to workplace health and safety and how long the checklist can be for workplaces to comply with their WHS obligations.

We also understand how much is at risk if WHS management gets out of hand. AltiusWHS,  cloud-based software, is designed to provide you with all the support you need to manage and minimise safety risks to your employees.

Responsive design means you can access AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software easily via your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile.

Altius Group’s, Matthew Counsel, explains “The software is designed to support businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to comply with their Work Health and Safety obligations. The bonus of managing and streamlining WHS compliance through responsive, user-friendly software is the impact this also has on improving business efficiencies in general”.

“It is so satisfying to offer a software platform that responds, and adapts, to the needs we have recognised in our clients over recent years”.

“We look forward to hearing from them as they embrace this new technology – which we expect will simplify their WHS processes, reduce workplace injuries and claims and impact their bottom lines through premium reductions, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity”.

AltiusWHS modules incorporate a host of tools for complete compliance management.