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When the client first met with Altius Group Senior Exercise Physiologist, Brendon Kenny, she was struggling with anxiety, was lacking motivation and confidence, had difficulty concentrating and was suffering from insomnia. Through participating in the RAWI remotely, with the additional support of the Altius Life digital health and wellbeing platform, the client achieved measurable improvements in her fitness level, mental wellbeing and sleep patterns.

The goals of the Recovery and Wellness Initiative (RAWI) were to support recovery and wellbeing to assist with upgrading work capacity and to promote return to work and empower the client to independently manage her condition. A key focus was the improvement of the client’s mood and wellbeing measured with questionnaires delivered at regular intervals.

The RAWI Remote Program:

Sessions were conducted via TeleHealth due to COVID-19 restrictions. The client was also subscribed to our digital health and wellbeing platform, AltiusLife. One of AltiusLife’s many features is setting individualised “Life Actions”. The client’s personal “life Actions” included:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  • Reflect on 3 positive things that happened yesterday
  • Practice your deep breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Update resume
  • Complete strength finder test

The client was prompted to complete certain “Life Actions” daily through notifications sent to her phone. Additionally, the client accessed evidence-based articles within AltiusLife, which provided proven strategies and tools for the client to implement, such as:

  • How to integrate exercise into your schedule
  • Sleep hygiene will have you sleeping like a log
  • Stressed out? Here’s 5 things you can do
  • 5 things to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • How walking decreases stress

As a result of the exercise treatment sessions, the implementation of AltiusLife and the completion of daily “Life Actions”, the client demonstrated remarkable progress in her condition which was evidenced by not only her significantly improved outcome measures at the cessation of treatment but also her reported improvement in her health and wellbeing.

RAWI Remote Plus AltiusLife – Results:

Measure Initial Score On RAWI Completion
DASS21: Depression 9 indicating moderate 2 indicating normal
Anxiety 8 indicating severe 5 indicating normal
Stress 13 indicating severe 5 indicating normal
WHO5 score 12/100 indicating extremely low wellbeing, mood and quality of life. 76/100 indicating high wellbeing, mood and quality of life.


  • On completion of RAWI Remote, with AltiusLife, the client was independently completing her exercise program 3-4 times per week, in addition to stretching and walking over 60 minutes daily.
  • An upgrade in work capacity was recorded from ‘unfit for work’ upon initial assessment to normal hours/duties with anticipated pre-injury clearance upon next review.
  • Based on the client’s progress and motivation to return to work, she has demonstrated a sound ability to return to pre-injury duties. The client has also been provided with an ongoing tailored exercise physiology program via PhysiApp empowering independent management of her injury long term.
  • Due to the client’s increased motivation to return to work, she has recently interviewed for a promising new role in accounts/finance.

If you’d like to learn more about RAWI Remote or AltiusLife please contact us.