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As organisations begin to welcome employees back to their workplaces, historically, there has never been a better opportunity to ‘reset’ workplace culture and ways of working.

PeopleSense by Altius Senior Psychologist, Jaydene Tucker, says “As employees return to their workplaces organisations have a valuable window of opportunity to reset unhealthy and unhelpful habits that were preventing employees from being their best at work and in life”.

“The time employees have spent working from home has shed light on different ways of approaching work, as we discovered how different and flexible work arrangements enabled us to be more engaged, effective and productive. Transitioning back to the office space runs the risk of these good habits being lost”.

PeopleSense by Altius are helping organisations to set up their Return to the Office for success. Through an engaging and interactive workshop, our organisationally trained psychologists are facilitating discussions among teams about what habits they would like to change and what habits they would like to incorporate in their return to the pre-Covid environment.

During Return to the Office Workshops teams collaborate in developing a shared plan towards building an office environment for their future which promotes:

  • More flexibility in work hours
  • Promotion of work and life balance
  • Engaging in ‘deep work’ and managing distractions
  • Opportunities to engage and connect more with colleagues
  • Speaking more openly and transparently about mental health

Workshops are tailored towards the unique circumstances and needs of the organisations we work with. We recommend the inclusion of cultural surveys, psychometric assessments and focus group interviews to maximise insights to inform future planning.

Our highly experienced Organisational Psychology team offers best practice solutions to optimise the selection, engagement, development and performance of employees – while strengthening organisational culture and climate. We tailor our psychological support services to a wide range of organisations across Australia - at the employee, team and organisational level.