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PeopleSense by Altius Partners with Modern Hire to Deliver Innovative Talent Acquisition Platform Ahead of High-Volume Hiring Season.

PeopleSense by Altius Organisational Psychologist, Grant Meyer, explains the benefits of the platform and how this new collaboration not only improves efficiencies in hiring for clients, but delivers employee benefits and supports an engaged workforce.

Each year as organisations focus their efforts on hiring for high volume roles, often insufficient time and resource is dedicated to creating an optimal balance between process efficiency, utilising data optimally and engaging candidates through the process.

Grant says, “Most organisations are looking for a quick fix, to fill a need or gap in their team rather than recognising recruitment as an opportunity to strengthen employee engagement, and this is where our new platform steps in”.

According to McKinsey Research, 83% of Fortune 500 executives do not trust the effectiveness of their own hiring processes. McKinsey attributes much of this to the fact most companies don’t “check to see if their hiring practices actually produce the kind of employees they want. What they check instead, obsessively, is cost per hire and time to hire.”

PeopleSense by Altius is pleased to launch its collaboration with Modern Hire, to offer a talent acquisition platform which combines trusted science and technology to predict performance, ensure fairness and automate workflow – enterprise wide.

Modern Hire (previously Montage/Shaker International) has already helped 47 international Fortune 100 organisations. Through our collaboration we’re now able to deliver this innovative hiring platform throughout Australia – providing an opportunity to improve hiring results through more personalised, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

The platform includes AI, predictive analytics, assessment, video interviewing and scheduling technology in a single SaaS solution that integrates with leading HCM systems. 

Grant says, “The scientific method thrives on big data and advanced analytics, and we apply these elements to hiring practices. In moving from a world of disjointed hiring tools to one with an integrated stream of data, we connect all pre and post hire data points in a systematic and wide-scale SaaS platform”.

The collaboration was driven by a growing need to:

  • Offer candidates a personal, fast, rewarding, transparent and engaging hiring experience.
  • Move from hiring practices based on faith to those integrating trusted science and technology to predict performance and ensure fairness.
  • Back up talent acquisition with the data to not just fill the seat, but hire the best – faster and to gauge real-time process ROI.
  • Manage talent acquisition workflows through a single configurable SaaS platform.
Meaningful Data Improves Engagement

The path to better people decisions is through the collection and study of data.

By combining data from sources across the hiring process and beyond, we can create large datasets of linked/related data points, and discover even more powerful relationships in the data. This enables organisations to make reliable, predictive decisions about people that impact organisational performance. In short, the mission is to make data meaningful.

Hiring success depends on candidate engagement, a two-way process requiring a meaningful and transparent exchange of relevant information. AI and deep learning can be used to automate interactions that are personalised and intuitive early in the hiring process - resulting in data and predictive insights that improve hiring experiences and outcomes.

Meaningful Data Benefits the Employee

Effective candidate engagement ensures that the employer selects the best person for the job and that the candidate picks the best opportunity to suit his or her career objectives.

Hiring decisions based on meaningful data support a candidate’s needs. Old methods of vetting candidates so that they may be “gifted” with a job if they pass muster are put out to pasture. To find the best, you must engage and converse with them as equals in a realistic situation as opposed to a one-sided or game-based approach.

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