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As many organisations stand down staff temporarily or transition teams to work from home arrangements, managers are having to innovate and adapt their approach to keep their teams engaged and supported.

We spoke with PeopleSense by Altius National Manager Corporate Partnerships, Ben Paris, and Senior Psychologist, Jaydene Tucker, on how the Manager Assistance Program (MAP) is supporting managers through this uncertain time.

Ben says “We have seen an increase in demand through the MAP from managers seeking tailored advice on how to keep their teams engaged remotely, and how to ensure that those stood down are still connected with the team and the wider organisation”.

“It’s so important that managers invest in their teams now – they will be rewarded as their teams return to centralised work at a later date. At the same time, this isn’t always simple, and it’s important for managers to have their own support mechanisms in place”.

During as little as one or two sessions, the PeopleSense by Altius’ MAP is helping to empower managers with skills and strategies to keep their teams engaged remotely, minimising the psychological impact on individuals.

Jaydene says “Managers are facing challenges like never before. They are relying on their ability to adapt their previous experiences and skill sets to this new unchartered territory. It’s common for managers to be questioning themselves and wondering whether the decisions they’re making or actions they’re taking will reap the best outcomes. Speaking to external expertise really helps them to consider multiple options and build confidence in their course of action”.

Our MAP provides vital support for issues ranging from managing difficult behaviours, performance and stress management to organisational change and redundancy support.

Consider accessing MAP support during these times for:

  • Stress management, as teams change the way they work.
  • Advice on remote communication and staying connected.
  • Support on managing a remote team’s work-life balance.
  • How to have difficult conversations.
  • How to build resilience within teams.

As part of our EAP, workplace managers and supervisors gain access to our clinical and organisationally-trained psychologists for support dealing with the mental health, resilience and wellbeing of their employees through the MAP.