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OccHealth General Manager, John Cosentino, explains why offering their Recovery and Wellness Initiative via remote teleconferencing, was a natural next step.

It may seem a strange idea, carrying out healthcare appointments via remote access teleconferencing, but when we think about our daily practice, much of our time is spent educating clients, versus engaged in hands on treatment. We also wanted to do more than make sure our clients know how to perform their exercises, whenever and wherever they want to exercise.

And through our day to day practices, we could see the need for a comprehensive Recovery and Wellness Initiative program, that could be delivered remotely, in an engaging way.

We were not only considering those residing in remote regions but also those clients wishing to reduce the barriers associated with travelling to their appointments, such as travel costs and time. We have since found RAWI Remote has also gained interest from carers of young children and employees unable to leave work, who like the idea of being able to participate in face to face lunchtime sessions via their mobile device.

RAWI Remote enables our consultants to contact their clients remotely in a safe and accessible way, in order to provide efficient, effective care with real-time exercise demonstrations and education.

 Teleconferencing sessions also support our collaboration with other stakeholders such as a treating doctor, allied health or rehabilitation provider, which is key to the success of RAWI Remote. Through teleconferencing we stay engaged with our clients remotely to provide a holistic approach to recovery, health, wellbeing and return to work.

RAWI Remote clients receive psychosocial education via teleconference with our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) to limit potential for secondary overlay to impact return to work and biological/Psychosocial support to minimise the potential for pain, dysfunction or fear avoidance.

The program is designed as a holistic offering – so it includes: advice on nutrition, diet, sleep hygiene, community engagement and social interaction; functional education; the prescription of graded exercises in collaboration with treating health professional and participation in medical case conferencing if or as required.

RAWI Remote is simply set up via your laptop’s web browser or via an App for teleconferencing via your smartphone or tablet. We provide comprehensive onboarding support to guide you through the process.

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