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Hosted by our registered psychologist, this mental health webinar aims to empower people to speak up and reach out for mental health support.

Mental Health Webinar - How to Talk About Mental Health

FREE Webinar: Conversations Around Mental Health

Thursday, September 9 @ 2PM (AEST), 12PM (WST)

For years mental health issues were a 'hidden illness', often invisible to others and unacknowledged in society at large.
We now know that mental health can impact an individual’s quality of life, life expectancy, and how we function within society.

"The estimated cost to the Australian economy for mental health issues is $56 billion per year.

With awareness days such as R U OK? Day, we have started to have conversations around mental health, how we can reach out to others and help ourselves.
It is important for us to become more attuned to our own mental health and have the tools to self-nurture. This includes understanding when we should reach out to others for support.
This mental health webinar aims to help provide these tools.

  • For Employees: 'How and when to seek mental health support'. We don't need to cope with mental health issues alone.
  • For Managers: 'How to identify signs of emotional distress in your employees'. This will include practical advice on how to start a conversation and connect them with the assistance they need.
    The webinar will be hosted by Registered Psychologist and resident speaker, Jaydene Tucker, who has extensive experience in helping and educating people in the mental health field.

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