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Join Our Free Webinar: Physical Exercise for Your COVID-19 Wellbeing, Wednesday, June 17 @ 1.30pm (AEST)

Dramatic changes in the way we work and the environment in which we work have impacts on our physical wellbeing that can lead to deconditioning and increase our risk of injury. Commuting less and moving less during our working day, can also reduce our daily incidental exercise.

With research indicating that we can lose up to 30% of strength and our ability to tolerate activities within 5-6 weeks – it is important that we are mindful of any shifts in our usual patterns of movement during COVID-19. Furthermore, National Physical Activity Guidelines state that 30 minutes of brisk walking per day can illicit significant effects on mental health and physical health outcomes.

OccHealth by Altius’ Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Jack Whitaker, will provide advice to help you to manage your physical and mental wellbeing during this time – simply.

Jack will present the evidence behind the OccHealth by Altius approach to physical wellbeing, delivered on a daily basis through their Recovery and Wellness Initiative. This approach ensures that individuals are well informed on all aspects of their wellbeing including the importance of movement, diet and sleep – it’s a simple, no-fuss approach that is easy to understand. The OccHealth approach is based on helping individuals to make small changes that lead to big differences, assisting them to realise their health potential.

To access the webinar simply click here and complete your registration.