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How to Identify Psychological Risk in the Workplace and Take Steps to Minimise Impact and Improve Wellbeing, Wednesday, September 30 @ 1.30pm (AEST)

Join PeopleSense by Altius Founder and Senior Psychologist, Anya Stephens with Altius Group WHS Specialist, Matthew Counsel as they host a webinar designed to help you factor the psychological health of your employees into your WHS plan.

According to Safe Work Australia, 7,200 Australians are compensated for work-related mental health conditions, equating to around 6% of workers’ compensation claims.

Anya and Matthew will outline the many hazards or factors that can lead to psychological injury and explain why establishing baseline data on workplace psychological wellbeing is the best way to start.

Anya will outline the tools, techniques and expertise used to gather this data, and together Matt and Anya will explain how this can be used to steer improvements, action plans and WHS policy to create a workplace where employees feel accepted and respected.

To access the webinar simply click here and complete your registration.