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Did you know there are other things you can ask for during a job offer negotiation besides additional salary? Discover non-salary perks and benefits.

Job Offer Negotiation

So you nailed the interview, and now you have an unread email in your inbox titled job offer. You've been thinking about the salary and are wondering, "Do I want to negotiate a higher salary?"

Did you know there are other things you can negotiate (besides salary)? 

Learning how to negotiate builds confidence, shows your new employer what you value, and helps you move up the corporate ladder. 

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so don’t let potential benefits and hidden perks slip through your fingertips!

Paid annual leave

Rather than negotiating for a higher salary, you can request an extra week or two for that holiday you've been dreaming about. Although it doesn’t directly increase your take-home pay, having the additional annual leave gives you extra time to unwind and unplug from work.  

Working hours

One suggested strategy is to say to your future employer that you plan to be in the office full-time for the first few months to familiarise yourself with the business, before moving to a flexible hours situation.

Working from home

Working from home is really popular, but remember, it is not a given or an entitlement. Make sure you negotiate WFH days appropriately, framing it in terms of the benefit to the business. 

HECS debt repayment assistance

Many university students accumulate HECS/FEE-HELP debt, which your employer might be willing to help you pay off. Repayments are usually made through the ATO.

Professional development opportunities

If you’re interested in professional development, it can be worth asking if your company would be willing to offer a stipend or reimbursement for training, certification, membership dues, or industry conferences. Professional development is important for one’s own career goals.

Not only can they benefit the individual by upskilling, but these development opportunities can also benefit the company you are working with.  

Parental leave

It's worth asking about paid maternity or paternity leave policies and seeing what could benefit you in the future. Also good to ask if the organisation has any support with childcare.

Commuting Cost Assistance

Depending on your employer, they may be able to offer parking or transportation perks, such as free car bays, automatic train and bus card top-ups, and other commuter benefits. This is particularly relevant if you have a long commute or if your workplace is isolated - some workplaces might be able to offer a company car. 

Gym memberships, standing desk, or other health and wellness benefits

You can negotiate for new and upgraded amenities that help improve employee wellbeing, plus you can make a case that this could also extend as a benefit to the rest of the staff. Other ideas include office yoga or lunchtime personal training, healthy breakfasts, and snacks, or meditation facilities. 

Work phone or laptop

You might need technology to get the job done. Think about what devices or technologies (programs) will help you be more productive.

Moving costs (if you’re relocating)

If you’re taking a new job that’s far away from where you currently live, ask about relocation assistance. 

Different job title

Negotiating a better (more senior) job title can be a powerful, non-monetary adjustment to your job package.


Think sign-on bonuses or other bonuses linked to your potential future performance. This can bring benefit to the company too if it encourages you to work hard.

Stock or shares

You can always ask about stock options or other long-term incentives.

Flexible start date 

See if the new company is flexible with your new starting date. If possible, try and arrange a small break before starting your new job. This will give you time to focus on yourself and ease with the transition to ensure you and your mind is mentally ready.

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