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Over the next six months CIM Employment by Altius will invite employers to join a series of breakfast events to share the many benefits of partnering with Altius Group for their Work Assist Program.

CIM’s Rehabilitation Consultant, Jemma Thacker, says “I meet with employers regularly and they are often surprised to learn about how Altius Group’s allied health professionals can assist their employees impacted by an injury or health condition, to manage at work – all at no cost”.

The Work Assist program is free to eligible businesses. The program is designed to support those employers with employees that are finding it difficult to fulfill the requirements of their role due to an injury, disability or a health  condition.

“The Work Assist program, not only helps employers retain valued employees, the program delivers many benefits to workplaces”.

Work Assist Delivers Many Benefits:
  • Knowledge and skills held by the employee continue to be of value to the workplace. When valued staff members are retained, productivity and engagement increased and absenteeism is reduced.
  • Employers receive free support to modify their workplace so their employee can continue to work productively – increasing productivity and employee job satisfaction.
  • Employers are supported with support strategies and plans, for example, developing a plan involving graduated work hours and a gradual increase in duties to support an employee recovering from an injury.
  • Employers receive any training required for the employee as part of Work Assist, free of charge.
  • Employers receive free Job Redesign support for their employee.
  • Supporting an employee to maintain their employment boosts overall employee morale and loyalty.
  • Employers receive free ongoing consultation with our allied health consultants – experienced in injury prevention, early intervention, injury rehabilitation, return to work, vocational and employment support services – to support and improve their employee’s capacity for work.

Injuries, disabilities or health conditions that may be supported by Work Assist include, but are not limited to:

  • Mature age workers.
  • Individuals with chronic conditions including: diabetes; arthritis; cardiovascular disease and obesity.
  • Those with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Employees with mental health conditions.

*eligibility requirements apply