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Managing your WHS obligations can put a strain on internal human resources and often, if short cuts are taken, costly gaps in WHS compliance may appear. Outsourcing additional WHS support provides an independent review of workplace safety practices, can save valuable time, deliver peace of mind and prevent costly fines.

Here’s 10 ways to boost your workplace’s focus on WHS to help achieve compliance, lower costs and keep your employees safe.

  1. Desktop Compliance Screening, carried out remotely, is a simple way to assess your WHS and screen for due diligence. You’ll be educated on current WHS needs and receive a report to help you carry out a WHS fine-tune.
  2. Arrange a WHS consultant to conduct an on-site visit for a WHS gap analysis and review. During on-site reviews our consultants cast an expert eye over current WHS procedures and assess the specific risks and needs of a business.
  3. Obtain expert advice or consultation relating to a concern that is unique to your business, such as traffic management, high risk activities or hazardous machinery.
  4. Automate assistance by moving your safety system to a cloud-based platform, making it simple to comply with WHS obligations. Our new AltiusWHS Compliance Management Software can be accessed easily via laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. We work with organisations to tailor the software to incorporate industry specific information, tools and frameworks for optimal WHS outcomes.
  5. Engage experts to assist with the development and implementation of your WHS safety management system. Our WHS consultants develop safety systems to support legislative compliance and provide a safer environment for employees.
  6. Seek professional help from clinical and organisational psychologists to create a psychologically safe workplace - reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and reducing claims of a psychological nature.
  7. If you’ve received a WHS improvement, prohibition or penalty notice, Altius Group can provide immediate support and assistance to resolve such matters as simply, quickly and effectively as possible.
  8. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Engage WHS consultants to educate and empower employees to take responsibility for their own safety and adopt a safety ethos at work. We tailor training to suit the safety education needs of each workplace from due diligence, safety representative functions to manual task training.
  9. Enhance your workplace health screening to create a safe work environment for your employees. Commence screening programs which include audiometric testing, drug and alcohol screening or baseline health screening.
  10. Outsource WHS support and advice on an as needs basis. Altius Group can be engaged for once-off inspections or scheduled to conduct regular periodic audits. Organisations can request a single consult for advice on a particular area of concern or request scaled assistance to drive their workplace safety action plan.

Our Outsourced WHS Consulting service is fully adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes… further details.