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There are many benefits to carrying out functional and medical screenings and assessments before employees commence a new role. These screenings and assessments can be tailored to the requirements and working environment of each role, to further maximise the benefits, Sharon Richens, Altius Group Physiotherapist and Wellbeing Specialists, explains.

Pre-Employment Screenings and Medical Assessments - The Benefits
  • These assessments provide employers with valuable insight into an individual’s physical capacity. This helps ensure that they’re able to meet the functional demands of a job before they start work.
  • The medical screenings and assessments clarify for the employer, in a confidential manner, an individual’s medical history. This can help to determine the impact of past or current conditions on their capacity to carry out a job before they start work.
  • For the candidate, the assessments provide them with a clear understanding of what the role involves, while passing on valuable safety information concerning the role before they start work.
  • Carry out the assessments contributes to an organisation’s safety culture.
  • Screening can help identify previously undetected health issues which may improve long term health outcomes for individuals and organisations.
  • The process of screening may help a workplace to identify any potential workplace risks which they can address to minimise injury and claims.
Our Screenings and Assessments are carried out by Allied Health Professionals

Our allied health professionals have extensive experience conducting pre-employment screenings and assessments for a broad range of occupations and industries throughout Australia. Our screening is always based on latest evidence and best practice - using robust, objective assessment tools. We incorporate a detailed medical questionnaire, thorough musculoskeletal screening and physical testing in conjunction with functional assessment components, all tailored to the inherent requirements of the role.

Depending on the candidate, the requirements of a role, and the work environment, additional services may be incorporated into a Pre-Employment Screenings and Assessments:

Audiometric Testing: Carried out by specialists with training in this area, in line with Australian/New Zealand Standards.

Drug & Alcohol Screening: Our certified consultants administer efficient and accurate drug and alcohol screening tests to minimise workplace risks posed by recreational drug use.

Spirometry: Spirometry assessment measures the degree of airflow obstruction. This assessment is often used to assess for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and a number of other lung diseases that may impact on work function.

Job Specific Functional: Functional assessments may be required to assess a candidate’s ability to perform the inherent physical requirements of a specific role, and to determine if any modifications are recommended. A job specific functional assessment is matched to each individual job role.

Medical Assessment: We can arrange a medical assessment at a candidate’s local medical centre to screen for conditions that may have a detrimental effect on the candidate’s health, such as hypertension, diabetes, hernias or eyesight deficits.

Mental Health Screening: The K 10 is a widely used, simple self-report measure of psychological distress which can be used to identify those in need of further assessment for anxiety and depression.

Resilience and Cope Scale Assessments: Measure effective and ineffective ways to cope with a stressful life event. The assessments determine someone's primary coping styles as well as their ability to bounce back or recover from stress.

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