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Over the past two years, Altius Group focused on investment in technology to ensure we could deliver our services to all individuals, despite their geographic location or other accessibility issues. This investment has seen us well placed to continue service delivery during COVID-19. Here’s a snapshot of how our technology platforms enable our Rehabilitation and OccHealth teams to continue to deliver services to help individuals to realise their health potential:

  • Through Telehealth and other online platforms we’re fully interacting with our clients – delivering assessments, rehabilitation consulting, wellbeing and health education, physical treatment and Exercise Physiology led programs, such as the Recovery and Wellness Initiative.
  • Our Rehabilitation Services team carry on as usual via online delivery, providing return to work programs and support, backed by the AltiusLife wellbeing and recovery platform and mobile app. This includes health and activity monitoring, life action reviews and assessment of progress against established rehabilitation plans, while ensuring whole of health client education and support.
  • Vocational Assessment, Career Transition, Outplacement, Employment Placement and associated rehabilitation counselling services are delivered remotely using our proprietary FuturePathways© program (view our explainer video above).
  • For those services requiring physical treatment, including exercise instruction and supervision we use our digital service partner - Physitrack. This ensures continuity of instructional exercise treatment for clients where face to face service delivery is temporarily suspended. Clients have full access to video instruction exercises, video conferencing and visual education direct to the comfort of their own home.
  • Rehabilitation Services delivers the Revive Program online - providing support for job seekers to stay mentally and physically well, build resilience and develop the right job active mindset. The Revive Program aims to engage, motivate and increase the confidence of clients to commence or resume vocational goal setting and seek new employment.

Exercise Physiologist, Jack Whitaker, explains how the OccHealth team has been adopting TeleHealth to support successful outcomes for clients for many years – and provides a case study that demonstrates the value of TeleHealth.

Our Altius Group team is available to discuss your needs and any specific considerations relating to current engagements. In times such as these, when you’re concerned with the health and wellbeing of your team, clients or organisation more broadly, we want to reassure you that we’re here for you.