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FuturePathways™ vocational assessments are carried out by Altius Group’s trained vocational specialists to pinpoint an employee’s values, interests, transferable skill-set and motivational drivers attained through a series of online psychometric assessments, questionnaires and via vocational interviewing. These assessments provide valuable insights to help guide human resources decisions that are needing to be made during these times.

Many employers are responding to the disruption caused by COVID-19 with new and inventive measures to keep their business afloat. Some are restructuring their work routines, while other workplaces may have gone as far as eliminating tasks that employees would normally perform.

Employers face three scenarios to the current work pattern shift – eliminating positions, working together with their employees to transform work or recruiting for new positions to meet new demands. Here’s how FuturePathways™ vocational assessments can support employers in each scenario:

Outplacement Support: It is never easy to make employees redundant, however, offering employees outplacement support in the form of an evidence-based vocational assessment can help them to find their next career direction or consider new pathways that utilise their skills and interests – pathways offering greater employment prospects during these difficult times.

Restructuring and Redeploying Employees: The first step in this process is understanding the skills of your people. Understanding the human resources readily available to your organisation will help you to effectively redeploy employees now, during Covid-19, and also prepare your organisation for future change. FuturePathways™ insights enable employers to allocate existing team members to different roles or allocate new job tasks, that they will easily adapt to - as they are aligned with their work strengths and natural talents.

Recruitment: For workplaces with transformations requiring additional employees, FuturePathways© vocational assessments also help to screen prospective employees and recruit the right employees to fulfil newly established roles.

Watch our FuturePathways™ explainer or talk to our Manager of Projects and Digital, Jaclyn Pace, to learn more, or contact us.

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