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We’re not built to sit for prolonged periods, or to maintain prolonged static positions. Most of our offices have been ergonomically designed for an optimal sitting posture, however, when we all of a sudden find ourselves working from home – we rarely factor home office ergonomics in.

For those working from remotely from home due to travel restrictions and health risks, please take a moment to run through these 7 steps for optimal ergonomics:

 Home Office Ergonomics Tips:

  1. Sit back in your chair, with good support at your lower back.
  2. Your backrest should be upright or slightly tilted back.
  3. Seat and desk height should be adjusted to allow for a 90 degree elbow position and for hips to be at 90 to 120 degrees flexion.
  4. Feet to be supported flat on the floor or on a footrest, with legs uncrossed.
  5. Your monitor should be positioned so the top of screen is at eye level, preventing the need for repetitive neck movement to read the screen.
  6. Arms should be used close to the body when using mouse to prevent shoulder, arm and neck pain.
  7. And most importantly… get up out of your chair, stretch and move every 30 minutes – balancing static postures with healthy movement. 

The simple act of sitting contributes to spinal compression. Team this with a poor posture, for a prolonged period, and you have recipe for muscle fatigue, stretching of ligaments and eventual tearing of intervertebral discs. Prolonged awkward postures are often static – this means limited movement of blood and therefore oxygen to the very body parts, often upper limbs and shoulders, being asked to perform constant and repetitive work.

The spine is a wonderful invention! Designed in an ‘S’ shape it functions to support an upright posture, protect organs, and give flexibility.  When the spine is maintained in its natural curves, it will function at its best. 

Home Office Ergonomic Assessments can ensure those working remotely benefit from good ergonomics. Altius Group helps individuals work safely from home by providing in house services, as well as ensure employers are meeting their WHS obligations to provide a safe work environment.