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The holiday season is almost upon us. If you’re feeling anxious and want to prepare for Christmas stress, access our webinar here!

Christmas is meant to be a time filled with excitement and joy, but for many, the expenses, pressures, and expectations can also make it a time of high stress. For those who are alone or isolated, have experienced a family death, or where there is family conflict, Christmas can be hard to navigate.

This pressure has contributed to one in two Australians (47%) not looking forward to Christmas.

When we are given ways to manage our stress and anxiety, we can improve our own wellbeing during the festive season. We have organised a webinar to offer strategies and tips in dealing with feelings and emotions during this period so you too can experience a calm Christmas.

Calm at Christmas: Free Webinar on Dealing with Christmas Stress

Thursday 18th November 2021, 2pm AEST, 11am WST

This webinar aims to provide a guide in preparing for the festive season and addresses ways we can remain calm at Christmas.

The webinar will include strategies for managers in how to support employees during this festive season with advice on how to connect them with the assistance they may need. 
The webinar will be hosted by Registered Psychologist and Organisational Services Manager, Ahelon Annathurai, who has extensive experience in assisting people to manage stress and anxiety.

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