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In this article, we look at adjustment to injury support counselling and how it can help employees returning to work after a workplace injury.

Author: Stephanie Li, Operations Manager Rehab Services by Altius Group

Altius Group provides a holistic and evidence-based approach to improve an individual’s quality of life following injury or illness. We value professional integrity, resolve, innovation, distinction and excellence – and these values guide our service delivery.

Primary and secondary psychological injuries and associated claims expenditure continue to rise across Australia. Each year mental health conditions account for approximately 6% of claims and approximately $543 million is paid in Workers Compensation. They are also usually associated with higher-than-average claims costs and increased time off work (SafeWork Australia)

Additionally, the personal cost to the individual following an injury can be distressing. Research shows that individuals can experience anxiety, depression, isolation and frustration, often leading to a reduction in function and extended recovery periods.

Our highly-qualified Altius Group psychologists help support individuals to recognize psychological and psychosocial barriers as well as maladaptive behaviours which impact on their recovery and return to work. In conjunction with the individual, they set achievable goals, and provide strategies to overcome these barriers resulting in an improvement in their wellbeing, quality of life and work capacity.

Evidence shows early intervention to clients at risk of long term disability can reduce the negative impact these psychological factors have on a person’s recovery. Altius Group offers treatment programs which are based on each client having unique circumstances affecting their health and wellbeing.

Our Adjustment to Injury support counselling addresses the following:

  • Pain management: Understanding pain and finding strategies to enable improved functioning with pain.
  • Biopsychosocial factors such as a lack of perceived support, poor coping, poor health or limited motivation.
  • Non-compensable issues which may be impeding recovery and return to work for the compensable injury.
  • Adjustment to injury: Managing the impact of injury and associated emotions that impede recovery or return to work.
  • Anxiety and reactive depression, secondary to physical injury.

What sets our psychologists apart?

Altius Group psychologists provide services with an understanding of common barriers that present themselves to injured individuals and with an understanding of the Health Benefits of Good Work. Combined with their ability to work effectively and collaboratively with all health professionals involved in a worker’s journey, this results in the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our approach is focused on providing tailored practical solutions which aim to:

  • Improve wellbeing, function and work capacity, with a focus on regular, achievable goal setting.
  • Increase engagement in day-to-day activities, treatment and workplace rehabilitation.
  • Reduce the risk profile for long term disability and failed return to work.
  • Reduce the risk of medication reliance or substance abuse.
  • Prevent workers from becoming entrenched in barriers preventing recovery and return to work.
  • Increase their functional capacity and their likelihood of return to work.

Effective support counselling, provided by Altius Group can improve return to work capacity, outcomes and reduce absenteeism. By mitigating barriers with the use of support counselling, this can also reduce workers compensation claims costs and insurance premiums.

If you would like to learn more or speak with an Altius Group Specialist, please contact us on 1800 258 487.