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Since last May, Altius Group has partnered with Hospo For Life to support the mental health and wellbeing of workers in the hospitality industry - providing psychological counselling services and mental wellbeing programs specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by hospitality workers.

The hospitality industry has been seriously impacted by COVID-19 lockdown measures. Hospo for Life, with the resources of Altius Group Workplace Wellbeing Programs and expertise from across Altius Group, have increased the support provided to hospitality workers during this unprecedented, difficult time.

Altius Group’s Wellbeing Specialist, Sharon Richens, says “The program we’ve tailored for Hospo for Life aims to lift spirits by bringing the hospitality community together, by sharing inspiration and providing positive strategies to make a difference to hospitality workers’ mental and physical health. Allied health professionals from across Altius Group present daily webinars during ‘Hospo Happy Hour’ covering a different topic each day”.