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icare recently published this good news story on how Altius Group’s WHS team have been working, together with icare and Austbrokers AEI Transport, to drive a shift in Winston Express’ workplace safety culture. Through communication and consultation, the haulage company have been able to implement several safety improvements, reducing their workplace injuries to zero in 2020.

Winston Express is a family-run trucking business of 30 years with approximately 50 employees. With their own fleet of 25 rigid trucks, 25 prime movers and 30 trailers (ranging from two-tonne utes through to semi-trailers) they specialise in general and express freight.

The transport industry poses some unique safety challenges. According to Safe Work Australia data, 26 per cent of workplace fatalities in 2018 alone occurred in this industry.

The article highlights how Winston have achieved these improvements by switching to a proactive culture focused on strong communication and consultation. Winston Express achieved this through a combination of their own commitment to the safety of their work family and the support provided by icare, Altius Group and Austbrokers AEI Transport.

The program included a culture survey for its workers, followed by an assessment of their organisation's work health and safety practices.

From this, an action plan was developed involving:

  • a redesign of their risk management framework.
  • comprehensive training for workers to proactively identify and report hazards in their daily work.
  • an upgrade of the organisation's WHS management system to ensure all workers have access to the company WHS manual.
  • development of a Traffic Management Plan for their Western Sydney site.
  • regular site walks and inspections.
  • rewarding and recognising positive safety behaviours.
  • increasing awareness and initiatives around mental health and wellbeing.

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