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Since Monday - July 1, 2019 PeopleSense Vocational Rehabilitation now operates nationally as Rehabilitation Services by Altius. This change was initiated to increase value to our customers and the people with whom we work, improve our service capability and differentiate PeopleSense by Altius psychological services from Altius Group’s injury management and vocational services. This is part of Altius Group’s aim of offering aligned and consistent services nationally.

Altius Group has always stood for quality, innovation and integrity. This change simplifies our engagement with you, our client, and provides a consistency that will enable us to provide deeper insights, support and outcomes to facilitate our core focus of supporting your organisation to Realise Health Potential.

 What won’t change:

  • People: The same team members will continue to be the face of our services and there will be ongoing opportunities to expand and deepen our relationships with you as our customer nationally.
  • Service: The same high quality, locally delivered services will continue and further integrate with the Altius Group services and quality framework.
  • Intent and Purpose: Our persistent intent to ensure people and organisations realise their health potential remains our core focus.
  • Commitment: Our enduring commitment to alignment through partnership, and determination to uphold the highest standards of service provision through innovative and highly developed technological, digital and financial security systems.

What will change:

  • Our name: From 1 July 2019, PeopleSense Vocational Rehabilitation will be recognised nationally as Rehabilitation Services by Altius. This will be reflected in our ABN, invoicing, and written communication, including email signatures and email addresses.
  • Consistency: Alignment of heightened service expectations across all geographical regions taking into account the individual nature and context of these areas.
  • Efficiencies of Account Management: A consistent contact, team supervision and finance administration providing streamlined support for our clients, particularly those who operate across multiple states.
  • Range of Services: he complete suite of Altius Group services will be available across all service locations providing unique and tailored solutions to support your organisation.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to work closely with you, with a broader service offering, into the future.

Derick Borean

Altius Group CEO