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A university educated female in her late 30s, working in a senior role within the recreation services industry sustained a hip injury while moving awkwardly in a confined space, attempting to release a machinery jam.

The worker had undergone a three month period of conservative physical therapy with little improvement and presented to Rehabilitation Services by Altius:

  • Still symptomatic.
  • Reliant on pain relief mediation.
  • Experiencing impaired capacity affecting sleeping and driving and significantly limiting her exercise.
  • With a decreased range of movement and strength.

Her position had also been made redundant soon after her injury following internal restructuring and despite a concerted effort on her part with regard to job seeking, she had not been successful in obtaining an interview. She was initially referred for job seeking skills assessment and job preparation services.  The worker presented as professional and motivated, however, low in mood and lacking in confidence. The worker was awaiting an Orthopaedic Specialist opinion at the time of the initial job seeking consultation.

Rehabilitation Services by Altius immediately recommended adjustment-to-injury counselling with a suitably qualified PeopleSense by Altius psychologist, working within the same office, who supported her with the impact of the injury as well as her altered employment status. This was commenced the same week with the support of the insurer.  

Intensive job seeking assistance was provided across several face-to face meetings. Services included:

  • A complete revision of the content and presentation of her resume.
  • Assistance to prepare targeted cover letters for each position for which she applied.
  • Encouragement to contact employers prior to submitting applications and afterwards.
  • Education on using job seeking websites, social media and her own personal and professional networks.
  • Coaching around injury disclosure, her claim for workers’ compensation and recovery guidelines.  

During this Return to Work program the worker was advised that she required a surgical procedure and would have a period of incapacity following. She was supported to manage her job seeking so as not to jeopardise any opportunities due to her temporary incapacity and immobility. With the assistance of the Rehabilitation Services by Altius consultant the worker successfully translated a job application into an interview and was subsequently offered a full time position in a comparable role within the same industry. On commencement of her new role, her rehabilitation consultant monitored her progress for several weeks with no problems identified.