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The Journey Kassia is a 41 year old woman employed as Intake and Assessment Officer with a Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre. Just over two years ago, Kassia had a motorbike accident, resulting in right ankle fracture and an operation to repair, a right hip injury, low back pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The experience left her depressed and anxious and unable to cope emotionally and Kassia was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The thought of returning to work was terrifying and she could not imagine returning to her high stress and physically demanding position.

The Challenge

Kassia experienced many of the challenges associated with PTSD, including social isolation, lethargy and disengagement in activities, impaired physical health due to inactivity, increased stress levels due to being job-detached and anxiety linked to concerns about the future of her career.

Kassia says “I didn’t know where to turn or how I was ever going to start the process of returning to employment”.

How We Helped

Through the Transport Accident Commission, Kassia was referred to Rehabilitation Services by Altius who partnered with and her and her new employer to customise a rehabilitation plan to support her return to work.

Rehabilitation Services activated some of their available range of work-focussed CBT and mental health recovery solutions for Kassia, to support and enable her to restore self-efficacy, physical functioning and motivation to return to a purposeful life. These included:

  • Implementing of a Recovery and Return to Work Calendar, aimed at increasing Kassia’s physical, psychological and social wellbeing.
  • Providing support and education on PTSD recovery in preparation for return to work.
  • Coordinating and case conferencing with the treating providers to ensure consistent feedback and goal alignment to support the treaters and the person.
  • Investigating appropriate retraining options, to assist Kassia with finding appropriate employment, as her pre-injury role was deemed no longer suitable.
  • Providing regular job-seeking meetings to upskill Kassia in resume and cover letter development, interview skills, injury disclosure techniques and submission of job applications.
  • Job outplacement services/support including discussing TAC incentives with prospective Employers, as well as fortnightly monitoring to ensure a durable placement outcome.
  • Applying a biopsychosocial approach – her tailored strategy/approach involved education on the Health Benefits of Good Work, as well as building her confidence in her ability to return to medically appropriate employment.

“Thank goodness for Altius. They assisted me to write a new resume and organised training in a new vocational field so I didn’t have to return to my old industry. My Rehabilitation Consultant provided support around interview techniques and help sourcing positions to apply for. Altius provided me the relevant Transport Accident Commission documents to give to my prospective employer – so they really supported me every step of the way”.

Kassia says, “I eventually got the job I really wanted and LOVE it. I’m so impressed with the service I received from Rehabilitation Services by Altius. They really listened to me and my individual needs. The Rehabilitation Services team are still in regular contact with me even though I have stable employment. Their support has been invaluable and I couldn't have achieved this without their help”.