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RAWI Quarterly Results (July-September)

Each month our OccHealth by Altius team tracks the outcomes of participants in our RAWI program – across a number of measures. We are pleased to share the positive outcomes we’ve achieved for our clients this past quarter across three key measures:

Overall, RAWI participants achieved a 12% reduction in OMPQ Scores

OMPQ Scores (Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire) are a “yellow flag” screening tool to predict long term disability.

An average 46% improvement was achieved in participant’s WHO5 Scores

WHO5 Scores measure participant’s emotional wellbeing.

On average, RAWI participants reported a 31% improvement on their PSEQ Score

The PSEQ Score is the Pain Self Efficacy Questionnaire – a self-measure of pain and chronic pain.

RAWI data shows 72% of participants benefitted from an increase in work capacity…

Of these participants 43% returned to pre-injury work duties.