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Results of a recent Altius Group pilot Resilience Program demonstrated measurable and meaningful impacts on participant wellbeing and resilience.

The results, highlighted by stringent statistical analyses, indicate that across the duration of the resilience program, participants showed a statistically significant reduction in Depression, Anxiety and Stress scores and a statistically significant increase in mean scores on the Brief Resilience Scale.

The additional good news arising from the pilot study is that the changes were maintained at the three month follow up point - indicating the resilience coaching program had a lasting impact on reframing thinking patterns to be more positive whilst improving overall mental state to be able to cope with life’s challenges.

Jaclyn Pace, Altius Vocational Services specialist says “We are pleased to have this recent data to further support what we theoretically know - that well tailored, evidence-based education and training programs focused on mental wellbeing, engagement and recovery can have lasting impacts”.

Rehabilitation Services by Altius have recently launched a structured Resilience Training program - Revive Your Mindset. The program is particularly beneficial for breaking down the biopsychosocial barriers held by job detached clients as well building resilience and positivity in employees of organisations going through major periods of change.

The Revive Your Mindset Program is a series of modules, carried out one-on-one with an Altius Group rehabilitation consultant. The program aims to break down the psychological barriers held by long-term, job detached clients, clients whose recovery has extended beyond recovery timeframes or those who’s existing jobs may be in jeopardy.

Training targets individuals who demonstrate persisting negative thought patterns, a pessimistic attitude or those who have become entrenched in problems related to their recovery or return to work. It aims to shift their mindset to adopt positive attitudes and behaviours, improve their determination and rebuild their resilience to bounce back from existing and newly arising challenges.

Revive Your Mindset also seeks to ultimately move individuals from a pre-contemplative state of change toward preparation and action for achieving an optimal recovery, improved wellbeing and a successful return to meaningful work through the practical application of healthy thinking patterns.

Delivered by experienced educators from a range of professional backgrounds including occupational therapy, rehabilitation counselling, psychology and motivational coaching, the program is designed to achieve meaningful and measurable impacts. The focus of the learning is to empower participants to commence or resume vocational goal setting and seek new employment.

Vocational Services specialist, Jaclyn Pace, says, “Off the back of the rewarding results from the Peoplesense by Altius pilot, we are looking forward to tracking the success of Revive Your Mindset for our cohort of job-detached clients or clients coping with major change”. Jaclyn explains the basis of the program is centred around similar adult learning principles and aligns with the extensive theoretical evidence on the importance of building resiliency to combat the challenges of injury recovery and job search rejection. Revive Your Mindset will deliver valuable information and practical strategies in a way that participants can remember, as they search for meaningful employment, and for their personal and work lives.

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