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This is the phone number for a critical incident response only and goes direct to PeopleSense by Altius.

For Altius Group general enquires, please contact us or call us at 1800 258 487 during business hours.

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Altius Group is having a birthday!

20 years ago, our founder sowed the seeds of a new company. The aim, to create a holistic service for people’s recovery needs.  From our beginnings in Rehab Services we grew, making some friends along the way, PeopleSense, OccHealth, CIM Employment and Medical.

From a single seed we have expanded to over 450 team members in over 45 locations all across Australia.

Every step on the journey we have been changing lives and supporting workplaces. To date, we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to find their way back to their best lives. And have guided tens of thousands of workplaces in putting their employee’s health, wellbeing and safety first.

We are humbled to say over 350,000 people at this very moment, are healthier, happier, and safer because of our care.

We won’t be having a party this year, (thank you Covid) but people still need us, so we continue to work hard, offering our online services to those who reach out.

Instead, please raise a glass for us and celebrate 20 years of enriching lives and elevating wellbeing.

As the saying goes, ‘A society grows great when we plant trees whose shade we know we may never sit in.’

This is one tree we are really glad we planted!