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Workplace Culture Webinar - 3rd June 2021 | Altius Group

Join us for our workplace culture webinar on the 3rd of June. Register today!

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Navigating different perspectives in the workplace

image.pngThursday June 3 @ 11.00AM (AEST)

We form our beliefs and perspectives from our personal experiences and we bring these into the workplace every day.
Whilst diversity and different perspectives are of value to any business, on occasion we might find ourselves in disagreement with our colleagues.
Being in conflict with our colleagues can be distressing, particularly when we deem our point of view critical to achieving business results in a manner that aligns to the values of the workplace.  

  • What do we do when we have a strong view which our colleagues don’t share?
  • Should we avoid talking about provocative topics such as religion, politics and human rights in the workplace?
  • Can we develop the capacity to respectively disagree?

During this webinar, our PeopleSense Psychologists will explore these questions and provide tips and strategies for navigating difficult conversations in the workplace through an attitude of curiosity, tolerance and respect. 

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