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About Jaclyn Pace - Our Authors - Altius Group


Jaclyn Pace

Technical Specialist & Rehabilitation Counsellor | Vocational Services

Jaclyn holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Diploma in Leadership and Management and has extensive allied health experience working in Psychology, Rehabilitation and Vocational Counselling. Jaclyn is currently working as Altius Group’s Technical Specialist in Vocational Health, providing specialist vocational knowledge and team support across the injury, disability and career transitioning sectors.

Jaclyn provides expertise, insights and practical assistance in the delivery of vocational services. She has worked to formulate a ‘vocational approach’ that has been applied successfully to rehabilitation, adjustment and transition cases. Jaclyn is passionate about adopting a holistic approach to vocational health services, considering broader wellbeing factors.

Her team and project management skills are highly valued within Altius Group. Jaclyn has been instrumental in establishing pathways of engagement with team members and clients as well as protocols for common vocational services, methods and approaches.

In tune with the needs of the vocational health space, Jaclyn has led the development of new vocational services, methods and approaches, including the establishment of online tools and platforms to support services. She has educated team members on the delivery of new service areas to optimise client outcomes.