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This is the phone number for a critical incident response only and goes direct to PeopleSense by Altius.

For Altius Group general enquires, please contact us or call us at 1800 258 487 during business hours.

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For Organisations

We work with you to help you to identify needs and barriers and implement effective solutions and outcomes that benefit your people and your organisation.

First, we listen and assess your organisation’s needs and workplace culture. This may involve employing medical, psychological, functional and vocational evidence-based assessment tools, or this may be as simple as conversations with key stakeholders.

Before planning or implementing strategies we confirm your organisation’s goals in collaboration with you and other relevant stakeholders.

In planning the best strategies to achieve optimal health outcomes, we address barriers and assessment needs and identify the best strategies, utilising best practice methodology. For any program delivery, we document plans so we can review how they are progressing and ensure a clear and proven return on investment

We work with organisations to co-ordinate and implement cost-effective employee and workplace strategies, so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

Regular communication is key to the process – client communication, regular consultation with employees, organisations, insurers and treating professionals, including medical case conferencing, all form part of our best practice approach to service.

Monitoring and reviewing progress against plans is an essential part of our engagement process, enabling us to monitor and review strategies to ensure our clients realise their full health potential.

Sectors we work with include:
Aged Care, Agriculture, Children’s Services, Construction, Council, Education, Emergency Services, Financial Services and Insurance, Food, Healthcare, Hospitality, Indigenous Organisations and Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Security, Community Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Trade, Transport and Waste Management