For Insurers

Our team of nationally accredited allied health professionals has a thorough understanding of worker’s compensation, compulsory third party, and life insurance schemes. Our consultants understand, and seek to manage, claims costs in collaboration with the insurer. By adopting this collaborative approach to claims management, we ensure goal alignment and the application of case strategies that incorporate both health, and commercial, outcomes. 

Our passionate and talented team combines national consistency, with local expertise, and a quality of service delivery that has been objectively recognised through industry leading Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Each consultant undertakes externally facilitated training in professional communication and negotiation skills. This allows for the efficient transfer of knowledge into exceptional results, providing us with an edge in securing the best possible health outcomes for the individual resulting in leading claim outcomes in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Providing the vision to navigate the complex nature of claims across all schemes is a hallmark of our service. To that end, communication is tailored to all parties – agent and insurer included. We make visibility and transparency across our service delivery a priority to provide you with the best possible insights to effectively achieve your goals.