About Us

PeopleSense (by Altius) helps businesses assist their employees, teams and management to better manage difficulties within the workplace. We provide a range of organisational health and wellbeing psychology solutions and support, which improve productivity through positive and proactive interventions.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of problem solvers and value creators employ evidence based practices to generate enhanced wellbeing, by reducing claims and absenteeism within the workplace.


PeopleSense (by Altius) assist people with varying symptoms, conditions, complaints and concerns, to help enhance their quality of life by engaging in health promotion and treatment of diagnosed disorders. We are committed to working in conjunction with medical practitioners and other allied health professionals to promote the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Employee & Member Assistance Programs

Our program is focused on organisational health as well as individual wellbeing to maximise employee performance and interpersonal relationships within the workplace.

Individual Support & Solutions

Providing support for a wide range of people with differing symptoms, conditions, complaints and concerns, we help develop skills and learn new ways to interact and communicate with people.

Organisational Support & Solutions

Our team comprises of clinicians who are accredited to provide treatment to all statutory compensation schemes.

Medical & Allied Health Professional Support

Employing evidence based techniques, we assist clients to improve their lives, by promoting the best outcomes possible for their specific circumstances.