About Us

PeopleSense (by Altius) helps businesses assist their employees, teams and management to better manage difficulties within the workplace. We provide a range of organisational health and wellbeing psychology solutions and support, which improve productivity through positive and proactive interventions.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of problem solvers and value creators employ evidence based practices to generate enhanced wellbeing, by reducing claims and absenteeism within the workplace.


PeopleSense (by Altius) assist people with varying symptoms, conditions, complaints and concerns, to help enhance their quality of life by engaging in health promotion and treatment of diagnosed disorders. We are committed to working in conjunction with medical practitioners and other allied health professionals to promote the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Clinical Psychological Services

PeopleSense employ over 20 clinical and registered psychologists who are experienced in providing psychological counselling and therapy. Our psychologists have experience in supporting people with a full range of mental health difficulties, using evidence based and pragmatic intervention strategies.

Organisational Psychological Services (Management Assistance)

PeopleSense offers a wide range of information and training sessions. These can meet specific training needs or general information, as an extension of other services e.g. EAP or change management services. Services under this heading relate to all clients outside of the CUA.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counselling

PeopleSense provides confidential counselling services for employees (and in some cases their immediate family members) for over 100 organisations. These services can be accessed for personal or work-related issues and are designed to provide short-term psychological assistance for employees (or their immediate family members) in need.

Injury Management

Research demonstrates that the longer a worker stays away from work, the less likely they are to make a full return to their job. Injury Management is initiated when a worker is injured in the workplace. It uses coordinated and integrated process involving early intervention with appropriate, adequate and timely services based on assessed needs.

Injury Prevention

Injury has a substantial but often a preventable impact on the functioning, morale and profitability of an organisation. It is estimated that injury accounts for approximately 7% of the total burden of disease in Australia and can result in serious disability, long term conditions and at it most extreme, fatality.