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About Us

OccHealth by Altius offers assessment and exercise therapy services for worker’s compensation legislation, compulsory third party, Medicare and private health schemes. We are committed to delivering cost effective and sustainable return to work and functional upgrading outcomes.

Employing experienced staff that deliver evidence-based intervention, we utilise robust quality assurance systems to manage workplace injuries and treatments.


OccHealth provides assessment, work related activity treatment, exercise program development and corporate health services, which allows for better management of workplace injuries and treatments. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, we target and treat the physical and psychological barriers that are specific to each injured worker, which contribute to poor outcomes and delay the return to work journey.


Work Related Activity Treatment

Working collaboratively with other medical professionals, we assist in increasing the functional capacity of an injured worker, to promote sustainable return to work outcomes.

Physical Conditioning Programs

Employing expert knowledge in the treatment of common motor accident injuries, we focus on enhancing the injured worker’s ability to return to pre-injury activity levels.

Chronic Pain Management

Combining the expertise of clinical psychologists and exercise psychologists, we target and treat the physical and psychological barriers that are delaying the return to work process.