Life at Altius Group

We are curious and ask for help. We own and learn from our mistakes. We listen, communicate openly and set clear expectations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement. We look inside and outside for inspiration and learning.

You will be resourceful and make the outcome a reality.
You will bring joy and optimism to work.
You will bring new ideas and champion change.

Our Purpose: To enable people and organisations to realise their health potential. To reduce the personal, commercial and social impact of injuries and illness.

Our Mission: To be consistently recognised as the quality benchmark in Professional Health Services.

Our Values: Non-negotiable elements, which anchor our decision making and behaviours.

Professional Integrity

Why work with us?

Personable professionals: We focus our energy to be decisive and solution orientated, while remaining accessible, open and warm communicators. We embrace and encourage accountability while welcoming new ideas. Empathy, engagement, empowerment, trust and collaboration are cornerstones of our success.

Flexible and focused: We expect high standards, which make the company great, but we recognise no two individuals are the same. We look to explore the talent within the individual and harness their potential. We are focussed on individuals meeting the essentials of their role, but support flexibility in the way we work and innovation in the way we deliver work to enable us to fulfil our purpose and mission.

Diversity: A culture of innovation is supported by diversity of our people. We are an equal opportunity employer and are proud to support a team of unique and talented professionals who come together to deliver on our collective mission.

Social functions: We love to have a good time, simple as that. We know that playing together helps us to stay together and we create opportunities through a range of events to ensure this occurs. Check out some of our social events here!

Meet the Team

John CosentinoGeneral Manager, OccHealth by Altius
John Cosentino
John Cosentino
John Cosentino

Educational Background: Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Diploma Leadership and Management

Started at Altius: OccHealth 1997, Altius Group 2007

Place of work (city & state): Sydney, NSW

What positions have you held at Altius: Exercise Physiologist, General Manager

Why did you choose Altius: Very similar values, great team environment, very supportive of career progression and development

How is Altius supporting you in your career development: Putting me through management courses and regular meetings with the CEO to review goals and provide growth discussions

Why do you think Altius is a great place to work: A National Service Provider focused on developing and giving opportunity to its people and providing high quality services with the aim of helping people realise their health potential.

Drew ReeseGeneral Manager CIM Employment by Altius
Drew Reese
Drew Reese
Drew Reese
Drew Reese

Educational Background: Management & Administration

Started at Altius: December 2010

Place of work (city & state): Beenleigh, QLD

What positions have you held at Altius: General Manager

Why did you choose Altius: The ability to work for an organisation that provides a diverse range of support to job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition in relation to helping them achieve their educational and employment goals.

How is Altius supporting you in your career development: By providing me with the opportunity to undertake formal training, coaching and mentoring that will result in me becoming a better Leader and Manager

Why do you think Altius is a great place to work: The team here at Altius is outstanding! Everyone is 100% committed to working together to achieve their own personal goals and the goals of the entire organisation