About us

The Altius Group provides specialist support, guidance and partnership to help organisations and their people realise their health potential.

By combining our clinical expertise, the science of behaviour, our national resources and commercial acumen we achieve industry leading outcomes that enable you to focus on what you do best.

We provide access to expertise across a wide range of professional services designed to assist in management of complex injuries and conditions and improve the overall health of organisations and individuals.

We know that healthy, engaged teams of people make any workplace more productive and successful. So whether it’s maintaining people in health, or rehabilitating them in the event of injury or illness, our services have you covered.

Altius group


Our services bring peace of mind to our clients, allowing them to pursue personal, business and commercial objectives with a trusted partner overseeing the complexities of people risk, injury management and health. We achieve outstanding outcomes in the most difficult of circumstances by identifying barriers, then implementing effective solutions.

Our solutions are proven, practical and provide real financial returns. By helping our clients understand, assess and manage workplace health and wellbeing, we help to grow more efficient, engaged and productive organisations.

“Our team were very positive of the work being done by Altius and were absolutely glowing in their feedback of your consultants and their expertise.”